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Get the Primary Care You Need From the Comfort of Your Own Home

Get the Primary Care You Need From the Comfort of Your Own Home

Getting to the doctor’s office isn’t always easy or convenient, especially when you’re feeling under the weather. But because of a strong need to make health care more accessible and personal, you can get some of the medical services you need without leaving your house.

At East Side Primary Medical Care on New York City’s Upper East Side, our experienced primary care physician, Dr. Daniel Klein always puts patient care above all else. We use telemedicine to get you the primary care you need from the comfort of your own home.

Here, we want to tell you about primary care via telemedicine and how it works.

In-home primary care

Though it feels like a novel idea, in-home primary care isn’t new. The Veterans Administration (VA) started offering in-home chronic care management more than 10 years ago so veterans wouldn’t have to make frequent trips to the office. 

With advances in telecommunication technology, many private primary care providers are offering telemedicine, or health care from a distance. During a telemedicine appointment, we meet with you by phone or video call. So, instead of coming into the office, you stay home or meet with us from a place that’s more convenient or comfortable for you. 

When should I schedule a telemedicine visit?

Primary care is your first point of contact when you need medical services. We can do many of the services you expect through telemedicine, such as:

We also offer concierge primary care, a specialized service that allows us to provide more personalized health services. For our concierge patients, we have a dedicated phone line so we can answer your questions right away and schedule visits that day or the next day. You also have access to the doctor after hours and on weekends. 

What to expect

You can expect the same level of care when we see you at home as you’d expect during an in-office visit. Because you’re not at the office, we ask very detailed questions to get the full story of your health concerns so we can provide the diligent care you require. 

We may request objective health information from you such as your temperature, blood pressure, or blood glucose numbers. Once we have all the data, we make a diagnosis and provide treatment recommendations, sending any prescriptions you need electronically to the pharmacy of your choice.

If we’re unable to determine a diagnosis through telemedicine, we may have you visit a lab for testing or come to the office for an examination.

Getting primary care from the comfort of your home saves you time, money, and energy. We’re all about providing high-quality care for each and every one of our patients no matter where they are, including at home. 

If you’re searching for a primary care provider who puts your needs above all else, give us a call or book an appointment online. 

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