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Why Regular Physical Exams Are Important

Why Regular Physical Exams Are Important

You’re not sick. You feel good. So, why do you need a physical exam? Because we want to keep you from getting sick so you can continue to feel good. 

At East Side Primary Medical Care on New York City’s Upper East Side, our experienced and compassionate physician, Dr. Daniel Klein, considers your annual physical exam the most important health visit of the year. 

Regular physical exams help find health issues before they turn into serious problems. Here, we want to talk to you about regular physical exams and why they’re important. 

About physical exams

Physical exams are evaluation tools we use to assess your current health. Though we perform a physical exam every time you come in for care, your annual physical exam is the most important. 

During your annual physical exam, our focus is on you and your total health, not your injury, illness, or chronic disease. This exam is all about keeping you healthy now and in the future.

Importance of regular physicals

Regular physicals are an important part of preventative healthcare. Health and wellness requires your active participation. Regular visits with Dr. Klein helps you stay on top of your health and helps reinforce the lifestyle changes that keep you on the road to wellness. 

It also gives you an opportunity to reconnect with Dr. Klein, building a more trusting patient-provider relationship. The more trust you have in your doctor, the more likely you are to share all of your health concerns. 

Regular physicals also help find health issues early, when they’re easier to treat. Annual physical exams usually include standard health screenings based on age and sex. These screenings look for common health issues like diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.

What to expect

No physical exam is like another. What happens during your visit with Dr. Klein depends on the reason for your exam, your health history, and your current concerns.

However, you can expect some basic health measures, such as a measurement of your height and weight, a blood pressure reading, and a check of your heart rate. We may also request diagnostic tests based on your concerns, health history, and age. 

Most importantly, we spend time talking to you about your health and what steps you can take to stay healthy. 

And, with our concierge primary care, we make it easy for you to get the prompt and personalized care you need and deserve. Your health is important, and it’s our job as your primary care provider to give you the tools and support you need to live a long, healthy, and happy life. 

Regular physical exams are the best tool for staying healthy. Has it been more than a year since your last physical exam? Call our office or book an appointment online today to schedule your appointment. We also offer telemedicine visits.

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