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Presurgical Evaluation Specialist

Daniel P. Klein, MD, FACP -  - Primary Care

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Daniel P. Klein, MD, FACP

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If you’re preparing for a surgical procedure, a presurgical evaluation may be required to ensure you’re strong and healthy for the surgery. At East Side Primary Medical Care, Daniel Klein, MD, FACP, can help evaluate your condition and ensure that your body is able to withstand the challenges of your specific surgical procedure. To schedule an appointment for a presurgical evaluation, call the office in Upper East Side, New York, or book online today.

Presurgical Evaluation Q & A

What is a presurgical evaluation?

A presurgical evaluation (sometimes referred to as a surgical clearance exam) is a type of specialized physical exam. The purpose of a presurgical exam is to have a doctor assess your overall health and determine if you are ready to go through a specific surgical procedure.

Your surgical team will determine what specific assessments need to be made. Then, once you arrive at East Side Primary Medical Care, Dr. Klein will check your overall health and focus on any specific areas of concern outlined by your surgical team.

What happens during presurgical evaluations?

Many aspects of your presurgical evaluation are similar to what you’d expect during an annual physical exam. Routine gathering of your vital signs is performed. Also, expect a check of your heart and breathing function as well as other assessments regarding your overall health and wellness.

Depending on the type of surgery, you may need additional evaluations. Bloodwork is commonly included in presurgical evaluations, as it reveals a great deal about how your body is functioning.         

At your presurgical evaluation, it’s also essential to share the full details of any medications and supplements you are taking. Some drugs can negatively interact with certain types of anesthesia, which is why it’s so important that your surgeon understands your current medications.                                                                                                                                                                                                            

What if I “fail” my presurgical evaluation?

Many people look forward to surgery because they’re hoping to achieve relief from pain or improvement in a longstanding health problem. Finding out you did not “pass” your presurgical evaluation can certainly be discouraging. 

However, this essentially means that the preoperative screening is telling you that there are certain things you’ll need to work on prior to your procedure.

If your physician determines that you are not ready for surgery, you’ll have an opportunity to improve your health and address any concerns prior to rescheduling your surgical procedure. While that may feel like a loss, in reality, it may be a win. Nothing is more important than your overall health, and your surgical team strives to reduce your risk of complications for the best outcome possible.

To schedule an appointment for a presurgical evaluation, call the office in Upper East Side, New York, or book online today.