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Auto Accident Injuries Specialist

Daniel P. Klein, MD, FACP -  - Primary Care

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Daniel P. Klein, MD, FACP

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Being involved in an auto accident is among the most stressful things a person can experience, and auto accident injuries can cause lasting physical damage to a person’s health. At East Side Primary Medical Care, Daniel Klein, MD, FACP, offers compassionate help and care for auto accident injuries, and is ready to help you return to your daily activities with ease. To schedule an appointment for help with auto accident injuries, call the office in Upper East Side, New York, or book online today.

Auto Accident Injuries Q & A

What are some common auto accident injuries?

Auto accidents can range in severity from a simple fender-bender to a catastrophic, multi-vehicle crash. The range of injuries that can result from auto accidents is equally broad and encompasses everything from a few scrapes and bruises to life-threatening injuries. 

Some of the more common injuries that result from auto accidents include:

  • Fractures
  • Concussion
  • Whiplash
  • Joint damage
  • Head trauma
  • Back injuries
  • Burns
  • Traumatic brain injury

It’s important to remember that wearing your seatbelt can help reduce your risk of serious injury. 

What should I do immediately after an auto accident injury?

In the immediate aftermath of an auto accident, your body will likely be flooded with stress hormones. It can be difficult to know how to respond, yet your choices in those first few moments can shape your outcomes. 

Begin by taking a deep breath and assessing your immediate surroundings. If your vehicle is at risk of being struck again by oncoming traffic, try to move the vehicle to the side of the road, or leave the vehicle and move to a safe area. 

Make a quick check of your condition. If you have uncontrolled bleeding, shortness of breath, chest pain, it’s important to receive emergency medical treatment right away. Otherwise, take steps to document the facts of the crash and make a note of your recollections about the event. 

When should I see a doctor for auto accident injuries?

It’s common for your body to mask pain signals in the moments or even hours after an accident. There are also certain types of injuries that might not create clear symptoms right away. 

Auto accident injuries can cause significant damage, and it’s important to get checked out if you were involved in a serious accident or are experiencing unusual changes after a crash. Please don’t hesitate to come in for a diagnostic work-up. If you eventually need to file an insurance claim or take legal action, documenting your injuries is also essential. 

To schedule an appointment for help with auto accident injuries, call the East Side Primary Medical Care office in Upper East Side, New York, or book online today.