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Preventative Healthcare Specialist

Daniel P. Klein, MD, FACP -  - Primary Care

East Side Primary Medical Care

Daniel P. Klein, MD, FACP

Primary Care & Concierge Medicine located in Upper East Side, New York, NY

Few things have a greater impact on how you feel and function each day than preventive health care. At East Side Primary Medical Care, Daniel Klein, MD, FACP, makes preventative health care a central focus of your current health. Whether you’re coming in for a routine physical exam or need an acute care visit, he is prepared to help you with your unique health needs and goals for a happy, healthy life. To schedule an appointment for preventative health care, call the office in Upper East Side, New York, or book online today.

Preventative Healthcare Q & A

What is preventive health care?

Preventive health care is an area of medical practice focused on preventing chronic disease. However, disease prevention is not the only benefit of embracing a preventive health care approach.  

Comprehensive preventive health care can also help you function at peak levels both physically and mentally. This approach helps you maximize your body’s health potential. Many athletes and fitness enthusiasts begin working with primary care providers to maximize performance and ease their recovery process.

Nutrition also plays a critical role in preventing disease as well as boosting your energy levels, cognitive function, and immune system.

How can preventive health care help me avoid chronic disease?

The screenings performed during preventive health visits provide insight into how well your body  is functioning. This insightful information, combined with the results of your physical exam and the information you provide to your doctor, can help shape a customized treatment plan that looks to maintain or improve functioning. 

For example, if blood testing and other indicators suggest you are prediabetic or in the early stages of hypertension (high blood pressure), your doctor will create a treatment plan to bring your blood pressure to healthier levels. 

You’ll learn how to make meaningful lifestyle improvements that can not only reduce your risk of chronic disease, but also enhance your quality of life. For some, this might mean finding ways to reduce stress and create a sense of calm. Others might focus on improving their sleep quality. 

How often should I come in for preventive health care visits?

Most adults benefit from scheduling annual physical exams. These visits are an opportunity for your doctor to perform the screenings appropriate for your age, sex, and overall health. All information collected during your visit is added to your personal medical record. 

If you are at risk of developing one or more chronic diseases, or if there are aspects of your health you’d like to work on, you may need to come in for more frequent visits. During your preventative health care visit, you’ll also learn more about the areas of focus for your next visits. 

To schedule an appointment for preventative health care, call the East Side Primary Medical Care office in Upper East Side, New York, or book online today.