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Common Chronic Diseases We Can Help With

Common Chronic Diseases We Can Help With

Chronic diseases are common, affecting 40% of adults in New York. Though they’re the leading cause of disability and death, chronic diseases don’t have to dictate your health or your life. 

At East Side Primary Medical Care on New York City’s Upper East Side, our experienced primary care physician, Dr. Daniel Klein, believes in the power of preventive healthcare in managing chronic diseases. 

In this month’s blog post, we want to talk about some of these diseases and what we do to help our patients manage them.

Common chronic diseases

In general, a chronic disease is a medical condition that lasts a year or more and needs ongoing health interventions and support or limits your ability to manage your day-to-day routine.

Some of the most common chronic diseases include:

Many factors put you at risk of developing a chronic disease, including genetics. However, many of these long-term illnesses are linked to unhealthy habits like poor nutrition, lack of physical activity, and use of tobacco.

Making healthier lifestyle choices can protect you from developing these health problems. If you have a chronic disease, creating healthier habits may prevent worsening of your condition and may even reverse some of the damage. 

Chronic disease management

We are a full-service primary care practice. We have the training, skills, experience, and equipment to help with chronic common diseases. 

With chronic disease management, we perform tests to assess your health, screen for disease-related complications, and see how well our interventions are working.

The goal of chronic disease management is to give you the guidance, support, and medical interventions you need to manage your health at home. Chronic diseases can affect how you live your life, but you can take steps to regain control, and that’s how we can help.

Because diabetes puts you at risk of developing other chronic diseases (heart disease, CKD, neuropathy), we provide diabetes education to help our patients improve blood glucose and lower their risk of diabetes-related complications.

Getting a little extra help

If you’re looking for a little extra help managing your chronic disease, we can do that through our concierge primary care membership program. This program allows us to provide a higher level of attention and more personalized care that includes comprehensive evaluations and longer appointment times.

Dr. Klein also has evening and weekend availability for his concierge primary care patients and a dedicated phone line with 24/7 coverage so we can provide any type of care you need right away. 

Ignoring your chronic disease won’t make it go away. We can help you manage your chronic illness and create a plan that puts you back in control.

Call our office or book your appointment with our skilled and attentive team online today. We also offer telemedicine visits.

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