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Ask These Questions at Your Next Physical

Ask These Questions at Your Next Physical

Your annual physical exam is more than a routine meeting with your doctor. It’s an opportunity to learn and take charge of your own health and well-being. 

At East Side Primary Medical Care on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, our compassionate and experienced primary care physician, Dr. Daniel Klein, takes a comprehensive and patient-centered approach to care. He listens, explains, and answers any and all questions during physical exams.

Let’s talk about some questions you need to ask at your next physical. 

Should I worry about these symptoms?

Though your annual physical is the best time to get answers to all your health questions and concerns, any time you visit our office is a good time to ask questions. 

If you’re sick or have concerning symptoms like belly pain, unexpected weight loss, or blood in your stool, talk to Dr. Klein. These symptoms may not mean you have a serious medical issue, but you shouldn’t rely on the internet for answers.

At your physical, share your symptoms so we can order additional tests, if needed, and provide answers that benefit you and your health.

What tests do I need?

You may need tests following your physical exam. These tests may help diagnose the cause of your symptoms or screen for common diseases.

Ask us about these tests, why you need them, how to prepare, and when you can expect results. 

What does my diagnosis mean?

If Dr. Klein finds a health issue during your physical, you need to ask what the diagnosis means and how it affects your health now and later. We can provide an easy-to-understand explanation and treatment recommendations.

At East Side Primary Medical Care, we offer concierge primary care, a specialized service that gives you greater access to Dr. Klein and our team to answer any and all questions. Our patients newly diagnosed with conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure find this service extremely beneficial. 

How does my medication work?

We prescribe medications to treat acute and chronic diseases. It’s important to know what type of medications you’re getting, how they help, and what type of side effects they may cause. 

You also want to know when to take them and whether you should take them with or without food. 

What can I do to protect my health?

Most importantly, your physical is a great time to talk about the things you can do to protect your health now and in the future. We may suggest vaccinations that you need, make recommendations about diet and exercise, or suggest you get into a healthy sleep routine.

Making a few changes to your daily routine can make a significant difference. Talk to us about your habits so we can help you make small, manageable changes that help you on your wellness journey.

Don’t leave your physical with more questions than answers. Go in prepared with a list and don’t leave until you feel confident you have the answers you need to manage your health at home.

We believe in the power of preventive care and perform physical exams that help you learn and understand your body and health. Give our office a call today at 680-206-2794 or book an appointment to learn more about how we can help you.

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